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Stephen Anthony Clark
Working with Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht) and Life Coach Stephen Clark is a catalyst for life transformation. Using a fusion of hypnotherapy, counseling, guided imagery, and neurolinguistic programming, Stephen helps clients overcome obstacles and achieve success. His vast background, coupled with his innate intuition and empathy, enables Stephen to help clients confront fears, regain power, and develop the strength and courage to forge a new life path.

The mind is an extremely powerful entity—Stephen gently works with clients to release holding patterns and reprogram the mind, while tapping into strengths and moving into a new, expansive energy. His unique synthesis of modalities truly helps clients unleash potential, break free of unwanted habits and overcome fears. Sessions are targeted at mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development, to provide clients with tools to release limiting beliefs, and alleviate destructive thought patterns and behaviour. As a result, clients experience happiness, healing and realization of goals.

The path to reclaim your power and live the life you were meant to is right in front of you. Stephen will guide you on this journey, and help you manifest your dreams into reality.