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Stephen Anthony Clark

Stephen Anthony Clark is a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht) and Life Coach, who helps clients from wide-ranging backgrounds overcome obstacles and achieve their life goals. His gifted insight and loving demeanor, coupled with his extensive background and education, enables him to guide clients through incredible life transformations.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Stephen was raised in several locations across the globe, including Venezuela, San Francisco and New York. Though his first language is Spanish, he moved to San Francisco at age 8, where he quickly learned English and assimilated into the American culture. He attended Stanford University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Relations. After graduation, he moved to Switzerland to work in international marketing and sales for a global reach organization.

Stephen’s position required significant international travel, which allowed him to meet people from myriad cultures and all walks of life. As a result, he developed a keen sensitivity to others that is integral to his success with clients. His intuition enables him to understand their issues, pick up on their vibrations and make them comfortable immediately. His background also includes a three-year stint in the Agent Trainee Program at William Morris Agency, as well as a year spent working with esteemed Producer Scott Rudin.

During his international career, Stephen discovered the famed book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian L. Weiss. The book was a catalyst in his life life—it provoked a fascinating exploration of the mind that led him to realize that his career was not in alignment with his life’s purpose. Soon after Stephen met his wife-to-be in Southern California, she suggested that he meet the life coach and hypnotherapist she was working with. Immediately upon meeting him, he suggested that Stephen follow a similar career path.

Stephen visited the one of the country’s leading hypnotherapy schools, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), and felt an immediate connection. Ever since he was a child, people came to him for advice, so he had already recognized his innate listening skills and instinct to counsel others. He started the program with the intention of simply honing the use of his subconscious mind, but quickly discovered that there was a career to be built out of it. Before he knew it, clients started showing up, even while he was still in school.

Upon graduation in 2001, Stephen set up a practice and has worked with clients steadily ever since. To complement his hypnotherapy skill set, he completed a program called Insight, which is an adjunct of the prestigious University of Santa Monica, as well as a program through Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), where he learned a variety of coaching techniques. Every year, he participates in additional education programs to continue his study of hypnotherapy and other modalities to expedite change for his clients.

Stephen is extremely passionate about his career and clients. “The most satisfying and enjoyable aspect of what I do is seeing and hearing the transformations in my client’s lives, and watching them move to a much more positive and empowering place,” he says. “Receiving those calls and emails, as well as referrals, keeps me inspired on a daily basis.”

Stephen acknowledges his role in clients’ successes very carefully. “I’m just a vehicle to help people get going. Everyone needs a little coaching and mentoring. We grew up with teachers, coaches and instructors, whether it was for ballet, art, math or basketball coach,” he says. “After college, we are out on our own, after being accustomed to having someone in our lives to guide us. When clients come to meet me, that void is filled again. I think it’s very comforting to have someone who can help you in advance in life.”

Stephen lives in Hollywood Hills with his wife, Abby, and daughter Sienna. In his spare time, he likes to go to art galleries, cycle along the coast, hike the hills of Hollywood and visit music venues in Echo Park, Silverlake and Hollywood, in search of the next great band.