Perfectly Imperfect!

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Stephen Anthony Clark C.Ht
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Perfectly Imperfect!


Perfectly Imperfect?  What does this mean?

From my studies on this subject matter, there are two distinct definitions of Perfection which stand out: the first version comes from Spirit; the second comes from Humankind.  When comparing the two definitions, we travel to opposite sides of the spectrum.  They are completely different from one another.

Humankind’s version of perfection is a tough one to swallow.  It is constantly telling us that we are not good enough.  It forces us to chase our tails to no avail.  Spirit’s version of perfection lets us know how magnificent we already are, and that we are fine tuning ourselves throughout our journey of life here on the planet.

In today’s society, humankind’s version of perfection seems to be ruling theday. This is unfortunate. We need to rectify this situation! Let’s explore…

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!


Chapter Six: I am Beautifully Imperfect!

Humankind’s definition of perfection says we must follow the laws of what society deems as perfect…the endless list of must haves and competition: the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect lifestyle, the perfect intelligence, the perfect wealth, the perfect education, the perfect home, the perfect sense of humor, and so on and so on. Its endless. Its exhausting.

This definition is loaded down with so much excess: self-judgment, self-criticism, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, low self-esteem, low self-worth, etc. Its just too much weight for one to consistently carry around.  And lastly, its impossible to achieve…thenvariables are constantly changing, making this an endless pursuit of never
being enough.

Spirit’s view on perfection is quite the opposite…light, gentle, loving, honoring…and empowering!  This definition, of which I admire greatly and find to be pure, says that we are all perfect just the way we came into the planet! That sure feels good, doesn’t it?  There has never been another of “You” here, nor will there ever be another of “You” here.  You are the one and the only of you…the Divine Masterpiece.

We come to Earth to learn and grow and progressively climb the ladder toward our Higher Consciousness.  We are supposed to make mistakes.  We are supposedto be unique.  We are supposed to honor and love ourselves to the fullest extent.  And when we love ourselves, the world matches our vibration…our magnetism, so to speak. Wonderful people and opportunities come our way more frequently and life tastes so much better.

Be true to you!  Take off the masks and allow your “real” self to shine. Practice a little every day.  Take the risk and allow yourself to be become “beautifully imperfect.”

This Week’s Homework: Counting Your Blessings!

This week’s homework is quite simple…but you must really think deeply.

I want you to list 100 Great Things About You..those things that you appreciate
(love, honor, respect, etc.) about you and your life.  Yes…100!  Think about your intelligence, your physical self (your next breath is pretty darn important), your life’s adventures, the language(s) you speak, your eyesight, your friends, your home, your smile…maybe I should say 200?!  Please don’t give up!  Get to that magical No. 100. Keep the list with you and keep adding.

Once you hit 100 (and don’t stop there if you’re on a roll), I want you to put this somewhere where you can reference it often.  If you’re feeling bluesy, read it!  If you’re feeling those humankind perfection energies entering, read it.  Remind yourself of your greatness.

Enjoy the process!  By the time you get to 100, you will undoubtedly know in
your heart what an amazing human being you truly are!



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Wellness Practitioner of the Week: Fatima Lowe-Williams

After a 2001 diagnosis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Fatima knew that she had found
greater purpose. She set out to discover a way in which her body could heal
naturally, thus allowing her to safely wean off of prescription drugs & beat
the illness despite reports of there being no known cause & no known cure.
Thus began her journey. She decided to go the natural alternative route & began
purging, cleansing & detoxifying her body (including-thoughts), and made
drastic lifestyle & dietary changes.

She has successfully recovered from Fibromyalgia, & a host of other ailments
such as constipation, candida, chronic fatigue, depression, PMS, & thyroid
related to weight gain. Along the way, she discovered colon hydrotherpy and
holistic health; and ultimately deciding on it as a lifework.
She is founder of Holistic Life, LLC,   Hollywood’s premier gravity colonic & wellness center.

She has been featured in New York nutritionist Natalia Rose’s best-selling
book, Detox for Women, and most recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network.
Being an over-comer naturally lends itself to a passion for helping others. As
a result, she is enthusiastic about helping others realize their personal
health & wellness goals.

Fatima Lowe-Williams, HHC
I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist , Holistic Health Counselor, & Wellness
Edu-tainer  Holistic Life, LLC

1445 N Gardner St., Second Floor (near Guitar Center at Sunset Bl)
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Manifesting Your Dreams Part 3

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Stephen Anthony Clark C.Ht
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

The Showdown: Facing Your Fears


Welcome back, as we continue moving forward with Part Three, Manifesting Your

This week we take a look at the Fear, blocks and limiting beliefs that may have
conveniently shown up just as you started to get connected into your desires,
hopes and dreams.  Just as the creative imagination can come up those things
you want in your life, it can also come up with those you DON’T want in your
life…with that infamous excuse, “I don’t deserve this!”  Fun stuff!  It’s
time to face down those fears and those non-deserving issues, and get them out
of the way once and for all! This is the precise time for you to realize how
much power you truly possess.  Let’s learn to utilize this power to move
through those veils of fear and those non-deserving blocks.

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!


Chapter Five: Hey fear, who are you?!

So here you are…coming up with great ideas, wonderful goals and big plans for
yourself.  And just as you move into thinking about what you really want in
life, FEAR shows up.  What’s up with that? And then Fear’s best friend, “I
don’t deserve this” jumps on board for the ride.  Before you know it, your
express train to a grander life has been derailed. Why does this happen?

Its because your subconscious (the vast library of your mind that remembers
every event that has ever happened to you in your life) is holding old books.
These books relate “fear/non- deserving” to success, whenever a trigger comes
along to open them up.  They have been instilled in your mind, and your mind
doesn’t know any better.  It’s merely following orders…your orders, believe
it or not.

Somewhere, sometime in your lifetime, perhaps as a child, someone said
something to you, or an event occurred, or you read something that pertained to
the achievement of success and how you weren’t deserving of it, or that it was
for “other people,” or that it was bad, or that you weren’t “good enough,” etc.
etc. etc. So whenever the thought of success pops in, that book opens up.  And
presto: Fear.

Now you can’t blame your mind for this…it was taught this.  But here’s the
good news: your mind can be taught the opposite!  If a negative can take hold,
so can the positive. You need to write a new book.  And you need to reread this
book as often as possible, for as you vibrate on the new one, its opposite will
eventually fade away, for opposites cannot be in the same place at the same
time. Smile, and the frown fades away.  Smile, and you will attract more
smiles.  Think in terms of deserving success, and the fear of success will fade
away.  Hold successful thoughts long enough, and success will come knocking on
your door. Its just like that. But it takes diligence and determination.  How
many years has that old book been telling you how to “fear?” With constant,
inspired focus, you can wipe away those years quite quickly…for positivity,
which equals light, drives away negativity, which equals dark, pretty darn
fast.  Don’t believe me? Go switch on a light in a dark room of your home right
now and see what happens.

This Week’s Homework: Deserving Life’s Very Best

Writing those new books can be very exciting and fulfilling, which you have
started to do so within the other homework I have sent in previous editions of
this newsletter.  Now its time to ferret out those fears and “non-deserving”
issues so that the pathway to manifestation is without road blocks.

Get very clear about your beliefs.  Its time to re-write the rules.

Please think about the following questions with regard to what you want to
manifest in life:

Is there anything stopping me?

Do I feel non-deserving to achieve this goal?

Do I have any fears regarding the achievement of this goal?

Am I holding onto Limiting Beliefs created by myself or by others?  If so, what
are they?

Do I believe others deserve more than me?

Am I afraid of the responsibility this new achievement will bring?

Break it down and get to the core of the roadblocks.  You will discover how
antiquated and weak these fears truly are and you will begin to feel stronger.
Banish these old thoughts.  You’re the Boss…not those old pesky old books.

Once you accomplish this task, begin to think about ALL of the reasons why you
deserve success.  Think about what a person would have to BELIEVE in in order
to be a success.

Everyday, take one small action step to remind yourself of your beliefs.  This
can be an affirmation, a creative visualization, a meditation, a journal entry,
a physical action…whatever it takes to keep empowering your new beliefs.
This is like reading the “new” book you have written on a daily basis.  And
when you do this, the old book will fade away and eventual dissipate into a
nothingness.  Build on small successes for the more your subconscious feels
success, the easier it is to manifest the big things. Let go of the past.  But
know that everything that occurred in the past truly came in for your own
Highest Good…to polish the diamond of you!

May the force be with you!



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locations: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach

Healer of the Week: Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman is an amazing healer on so many levels. She is a powerful Intuitive and an amazing Psychic who has focused her gifts into helping others. Her vision is to enrich, enlighten and inspire. She envisions a world that encourages expression of the highest Self, resulting in peace and prosperity for all. She believes that as we bless others, we, too, share in those blessings. So when we pay the toll on the road for the car behind us, it’s because everyone deserves a touch of magic in their lives. Such simple acts are the beginnings of love and brotherhood worldwide. Tori offers products and services that will empower you to attract and create the life of your dreams so that you, too, can inspire others.
Tori has a vast array of beautiful products, including  her latest and greatest
achievement: Color Wisdom Cards. Take a tour of her website and discover some
great things about Tori, that in turn will help you discover some great things
about you!

Healer Deal of the Week:

Tori is  offering a special on her Color Wisdom Cards:

It has taken more than 20 years for Tori to unravel the fables that spirits
delivered to her after her near death experience, 20 years ago, to create this
remarkable new Oracle deck.

Unsure of what to do with them, Tori put them away for over 10 years. As she
began to develop her Spiritual practice, and step into her work as a
professional psychic, she began to use the fables as a way to guide her clients
in discovering their own powerful intuitive lessons at the same time,
miraculously healing family dynamics and the beliefs that kept them stuck.

This work has culminated in the Color Wisdom Cards. A deck of 51 full color
cards with it’s accompanying book of more the 300 pages.

The Color Wisdom Cards Workbook is a powerful Guide that incorporates the
lessons of the Color Wisdom Cards to offer you deep insight into how Color
affects you and new choices when faced with a challenging situation.
COLOR WISDOM CARDS, Workbook & 20 Hour Learning Program for $97!!!

Tori’s Contact Info:

Manifesting Your Dreams Part 2

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Stephen Anthony Clark C.Ht
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Off & Running!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back, as we continue moving forward with Part Two, Manifesting Your

Last week I asked you to start brainstorming on what you want to create for this second half of 2010 and on into the future.  I hope you have enjoyed the process and have come up with some great ideas.

Using your creative imagination is an amazingly powerful tool.  Remember, everything starts with a thought, and the more we exercise our imaginations, the more ideas and thoughts begin to pop into our minds.

Through this imaginative process, its important to THINK BIG! Today, I give you another tool to add to last week’s homework to help you speed up the process of manifesting your dreams.

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!


Chapter Four: Thinking BIG!

The Universe is constantly expanding.  As a matter of fact, all biological entities…you, me, Nature, wildlife, Planet Earth…are constantly expanding. It is in our nature to expand.  Remember when you were a little baby? You were expanding each day…learning to roll over, then to crawl and walk and eventually run. Your mind was expanding also.  And we live life, we realize that each day we are growing and learning.  But sometimes we stop ourselves from this expansion.  And then we move into the opposite vibration…contraction, or in other words, depression.  And this definitely doesn’t feel very good.

With this in mind, its imperative that we consistently move our lives into expansion, and this is where thinking “big” comes in.  For as we think ‘big” we consciously, and sometimes unconsciously, begin to move ourselves into growth. Any and all expansion is vital to our well being, even if its just trying a new restaurant, adventuring to a museum, or reading a new book.

Imagine that thinking big is climbing to the peak of a mountain. The ultimate goal is to set foot at the top, but in the journey getting there, all kinds of wonderful adventures may occur.  You may come up to a beautiful sounding stream, or a bird building a nest for her future, or a vista that takes your breath away.  And suddenly, the big adventure to the top of the mountain is full of amazing little adventures and discoveries.  And the journey to “big” becomes quite magical.  So in your life, set some big goals, and enjoy the journey. Even if you don’t reach “big”, perhaps it really won’t matter as the pathway to “big” will have been so special!

This Week’s Homework: “Feeling” is Seeing

Last week you given the tools to create a mini-guide for direction in various
areas of your life.  Hopefully you have jotted down some wonderful goals and

Now its time to empower these goals and ideas. Last week I wrote about
“Believing is Seeing.”  This week we move onto “Feeling is Seeing.”

This week, I want you take all those goals and ideas and begin to think about
what it would “feel” like to actually have those things in your life.  If one of your goals is to manifest a “special” someone in your life, close your eyes and imagine that that person is already in your life.  Then imagine what it “feels” like to have that person in your life.  Perhaps you would feel strong, beautiful, successful, loved, sexy, honored, grounded, safe, joy-full, etc.

With each goal, idea, desire in your mini-guide, close your eyes and do this process.  Really “feel”as if your goal is happening NOW!  Then write down all of the feelings that have evoked by your imaginative, closed-eye process.  Once you have done this for each goal, you will have a template of feelings that match your goals.  Tap into these feelings as often as possible, for feelings are the super-charged rocket that will help you manifest your dreams much faster than just talking or thinking about them!

Don’t delay!  Go for it starting NOW.



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Healer of the Week: Kim Grupe
Kim Grupe is a  Massage Therapist.  She custom builds each massage to be as
unique as each client.

Emotions and stress are stored within our bodies, making it difficult at times
to relax and enjoy life.

Allow Kim to help restore your body’s natural energy levels through a relaxing
and healing message.

She combine Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, MyoFascial Therapy and other
modalities  into her massages based on the individual needs of her clients.
Kim offers pregnancy massage as well.

She believes that through the power of touch, your body can heal itself
naturally. Let her help you feel relaxed & rejuvenated!

Healer Deal of the Week:

Kim is  offering a full hour massage for $50 for a limited time.

Kim’s Contact Info:

Manifesting Your Dreams Part 1

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Stephen Anthony Clark C.Ht.
Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Happy Canada Day!

July 1 is Canada Day, and since I’m a proud Canadian, I must reach out to all
the Canucks out there.

And to all those in the USA, happy Independence Day on this upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 of my Life Empowerment Series.  Keep on keeping those words and thoughts impeccable!  It certainly feels good when you do so!

Chapter Three of ideas, thoughts, and truths that I have gathered over the past
9 years from the thousands of hours spent with wonderful clients in my Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice launches Part 1, Manifesting Your Dreams.

Since today is July 1, 2010, we officially begin the second half of the year on
this day.  And its a perfect time to start thinking about what you want to
create for the remainder of this year, and into your years ahead. Perhaps you
will come up with an idea that opens a door inside of you that propels you
forward and changes your life in amazing ways!

Today I manifested one of my dreams…a new office space!  Its located on the
West Side of Los Angeles near Santa Monica & Brentwood.  Its a great place, & I’m excited to be there each Monday afternoon!  Please come and visit.

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!


Chapter Three
: You…The Powerful Creator

We are all Creators.  We are all Powerful. We are all Powerful Creators.
Just look around and see all of the magnificence you have brought into your
life…your beautiful home, your fun friends, your good health, your loved
ones, your next meal, the computer or phone you are reading this on, your next
breath, your journey here on this planet. The list is endless (refer back to
your Gratitude list if you get stuck).

In general, we have consciously focused upon and manifested most of the things
we have in our lives.  Other things have seemingly just appeared.  But the truth is, we have had a creative hand in everything that has come into our lives.  We are here to learn and grow, and part of that growth process is to step into our Power and get focused into what we really want to have in our lives.  Rekindling those long forgotten dreams, big or small, is key to an exciting and fulfilling life. When we become focused on what we want, and don’t allow anything to get in the way, magic happens! Dreams come true.

It takes focus, determination, motivation, and most importantly, inspiration.
Its time to get inspired once again!

This Week’s Homework: Believing is Seeing

As human beings, we inherited this amazing planet we call Earth. We inherited
the oceans, the forests, the mountains and the lakes.  We inherited the animals, the birds, the fish, the dolphins and the whales.

Everything else we have in our world…the cars, the roads, the buildings, the
airplanes, the musical instruments, the soccer balls (for all of my World Cup
friends), were thoughts before they were realities.  Think about it.  Thoughts
and ideas begin in the mind. Sometimes they pop up in a dream. And should that
gentle thought receive enough energy from you, it will grow in strength until
it becomes a powerful belief. And powerful beliefs are just a few clicks away
from becoming manifest..becoming real.  So indeed, BELIEVING IS SEEING!
This is one heck of a law!

So with this in mind, what is it that you choose to believe about you?  What is it that you choose to believe about your life? And what do you want to create in order to make your life as meaningful and magnificent as possible? Lets explore!

Your homework this week is to think about (and write down) what it is that you want to manifest in your life. Perhaps its more abundance, or more fun, or better health, or a “special someone”, or a magical journey to India, or a ‘pied a terre’ in Paris.

Here are some categories to think about:  Home, Travel, Career, Hobbies, Relationships, Physical Health, Spiritual Health, and anything else that inspires you!  Take 10 minutes, choose one category, and brainstorm about that category.  Think big, brainstorm, and then write about it as if its already happening in your life (in the Present tense). Once you are satisfied with what you have created, move on to the next category and do the same exercise.  Soon you will have created a mini guide for the many aspects, goals and ideals you want to bring into your life.

Give your guide a read every few days (just before going to sleep) and begin to lock in your desires.  Next week, as we continue in this area, you will gain further steps to keep this success train rolling along!



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locations: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach

Healer of the Week: Shaman Durek Verrett

Durek Verrett is a spiritual guide and healer to people across the globe, ranging from famous celebrities and European royalty to poverty-stricken, inner-city children.

He applies ancient spiritual wisdom coupled with decades of devoted study and
practice to help clients achieve success, happiness and healing in their lives. Durek is an amazing friend and person.  I have worked with him numerous times and its always been a wonderful experience.  He is one of a kind and a total blessing.

For appointments contact Hank at 213-484-1886 or [1]

Follow Durek on twitter@shamandurek. Read his articles in Huffington Post Los
Angeles and Frontier’s Magazine.

Listen to his radio show”Get Real”on Thursday nights from 9-10pm PST and call in live at 323-900-6001.

Healer Deal of the Week:

Durek is generously giving my readers a $75 discount for his sessions for those of you who call him this week!  He normally charges  $250 per session, but you can experience him and his amazing gifts for $175!

The Power of Your Words Thoughts

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 1 of my Life Empowerment Series.  Gratitude is so
very important. Keep on using the Gratitude exercise as it will strengthen this
vibration within you each time you use it.

Chapter Two of ideas, thoughts, and truths that I have gathered over the past 9

years from the thousands of hours spent with wonderful clients in my Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching practice covers one of The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz: “Be impeccable with your word.” I have taken liberty to expand this into:                 “Be impeccable with your word AND thoughts.”

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!


Chapter Two: The Power of Your Words & Thoughts

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy.  You, me, the computer or mobile phone you are reading this on…everything in existence!  This includes words and thoughts.  Everything starts in the Inner World and is reflected by the Outer World, so it is imperative that we become aware and conscious of the words and thoughts we are using on a daily basis when it comes to honoring ourselves.

Choosing, and using words and thoughts that honor oneself empower and align you.
Words and thoughts that belittle oneself….”I’m not good enough,” “I’m notrich enough,” “I’m not talented enough,” “I’m not pretty enough,” not only make us feel less-than and low, but more importantly, don’t honor the Masterpiece of who you really are!

Think about it: Is there anyone else in the world like you?  Has there ever been another like you?  Will there ever be another like you?  The answer, of course, is a big whopping NO!

Honor, respect and unconditionally love you…this most amazing MASTERPIECE!
When you practice this week’s homework, you will undeniably feel an uplifting
vibration of love and strength for you.

This Week’s Homework: Conscious Awareness Now

Starting now, become and stay conscious of the words and thoughts you are using
to describe yourself…to yourself, and to the world.  This includes they way you speak and think about your beliefs, dreams and ambitions.  Consistently use words the EMPOWER you: “I am successful; I am abundant; I love the journey of my life; I am always at the right place at the right time; I am powerful; I am magical; I am doing my best; I love my body and everything it does for me.”

We are all powerful creators and creation starts with thoughts, moves into words, and then becomes reality. Now if one of the pesky old limiting beliefs pops in, like”I’m not good enough,” thank the thought for REMINDING you that you are not thinking enough about what you really want and hammer in the opposite, for opposites cannot be in the same place at the same time.For example: “I am amazing and I unconditionally love everything about me…physically,emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.”  You will zap out the negative jab by instilling the empowering vibe.

This returns you to your undeniable Truth…that indeed, you ARE the Masterpiece!


Healer of the Week: Naada Love

Naada’s passion is in empowering people in every aspect of their being. In her
sessions, she assists people in identifying mental, emotional and physical
patterns that are not serving their highest good. She then removes these
programs & creates new ones that aid in achieving life goals in a more powerful
way. Her goal is to teach people how to tap into their limitless potential and
experience a more fulfilled, blissful way of living.

Each session is designed to illuminate, educate & create shifts in the client
to achieve undeniable results. Naada uses a combination of modalities: yoga,
massage, meditation, mantra, emotional release, breath work, movement,
nutritional counseling, reiki, energy alignment, life force activation &

Contact info:
tel: 917.349.0745

Healer Deal of the Week:

Naada is giving my readers a 50% discount for her sessions for this month!  She
normally charges  $150 per 90 minute session, but you can experience her for
$75!  Do not delay!!

Stephen’s Life Empowerment Series

Stephen’s  Life Empowerment Series

Welcome to my weekly Life Empowerment Series.

This is the first chapter of ideas, thoughts, and truths that I have gathered over the past 9 years from the thousands of hours spent with wonderful clients in my Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice.

Each week I will present ideas and homework for you to take advantage of in the quest of empowering you and your life in a variety of exciting areas.  I will take you on a journey through the heart and mind, exploring subject matter that includes abundance, success, relationships, dream manifestation, creative visualization and more! I will also present weekly specials for my services and for the services of amazing healers I have worked with here in Los Angeles and around the world.

Make the most of your blessed journey here on Earth!  Stephen

Chapter One: The Power of Gratitude

The act of holding Gratitude is very powerful vehicle of manifestation in one’s life.  When we step into an conscious awareness of giving thanks for the many wonderful experiences we have each day, life becomes more beautiful and enriched. We must give gratitude for our amazing Body Temples, and everything the body does for us each day…lungs breathing, heart beating, brain thinking, ears listening, eyes seeing, etc. along with the multitude of other functions that occur every second of the day to not only keep us alive but keep us moving forward and expanding in life.

When we give thanks for even the little things that come into our lives, we move into living in the Present, the eternal NOW. And when we are in the Now, we are not going backwards into the past, and into the “could haves, should haves, would haves.” Nor do we move into the future and into the “what ifs” and the fears it can often times inspire.

This week, hold your awareness open and stay in Gratitude for EVERYTHING that comes into your life….even the traffic jams, the problems at work, the troubles on the planet,etc. For as we learn that everything is coming into our lives to help us grow, life becomes much more joy-full!

This Week’s Homework: Five Gratitudes

Starting tonight, and every night moving forward, just before falling asleep, I want you to think of 5 things that occurred today that you have Gratitude for. It can be a great cup of tea, a wonderful email, your next breath…it doesn’t matter if its big or small. Just find five things and say something like the following: “I have Gratitude for the _____________ that came into my life today.” Have fun with this, and as you practice this on a daily basis, your subconscious mind will begin to “look” for things to think of when you return to your Gratitude prayer each eve.


Healer  of the Week:

Massage Therapist Michael  hails from Russia and has been here in California for the past 10 years. He is an amazing Massage Therapist & Healer that uses his keen intuition to discover problem areas in the body and bring them back to health. He has helped my wife Abby and me over the past 4 years and he keeps getting better and better. We love Michael as he is not only a great healer, but an kind and gentle human being.

Healer Deal of the Week:

$50 home visits for the East Side; $60 visits for the Valley and West Side.

Contact Michael at 323-383-2832.