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What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an amazing tool used to create alignment between the Conscious Mind, our voice of reason, and the Subconscious Mind, which provides our inner motivation. It offers an effective, relaxing, comfortable, drug-free catalyst for change.

Hypnosis creates a deep state of calmness and relaxation. As tensions and pressures begin to disappear, the Subconscious Mind opens up to allow for change. Hypnosis allows one to tap into the Subconscious Mind and use this powerful resource center to create this alignment and to quickly, easily, and joyfully achieve your goals and intentions.

What Can Hypnosis Help?
Hypnosis is used to treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from overcoming fears and phobias, breaking bad habits, and recovering from trauma, to improving motivation, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and achieving career success. It is often used in couples counseling, as well as with artists to conquer blocks to creativity. For a comprehensive list of conditions that hypnosis can help, please visit our Services page.

Will I Lose Control Under Hypnosis?
No. You are always in control.

Will I Give Away My Secrets Under Hypnosis?
No. You are in control of your thoughts and cannot be hypnotized into doing something you don’t want to do.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?
Yes. Everyone takes in information differently, and through a number of tools I use, I am able to understand how a person takes the information. This knowledge helps me formulate a method that helps induce hypnosis for anyone. On the rare occasion, Guided Imagery is supplanted for hypnosis, which is just as powerful.

What is Guided Imagery? 

Guided Imagery is the use of descriptive story telling that invokes a deep meditational state of mind.  The use of all five senses is incorporated.

What is Transformational Life Coaching?
With the use of therapeutic tools, insight, intuition and talk therapy, the goal is to uncover old, unwanted patterns, habits and actions that don’t serve a person, and then release them once and for all. Transformational Life Coaching, in conjunction with Hypnotherapy, is a powerful combination that produces amazing results.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?
This is all dependent on the work that is being accomplished and the issues that are being handled.  It is my intention to work through issues thoroughly and as quickly as possible so that you can move on in life.

How Long is A Session?
Our first session is 90 minutes. Sessions thereafter are 60 minutes. Smoking Cessation is two hours.

Do You Work With Children?
Yes! I thoroughly enjoy working with children as they are so magical.  I have worked with children in ages ranging from 7 to 17.

Do You Work With Couples?
Yes, I work with many couples, as well as those that are preparing to get married. As a minister, I also have the pleasure of marrying couples, by the power vested in me in the State of California.

Do You Create Individual/Personalized CDs?
Yes! This is a powerful and convenient way to continue the session work in your own free time.

Where Are Your Offices Located?
West Hollywood, Brentwood, and Huntington Beach.

How Can I Take Advantage of Your Services if I Don't live in the Los Angeles area?
Through telephone and Skype Service, which is available via the Internet, anywhere in the world. 

Do You Make “House Calls”?
Yes. Insure maximum confidentiality by having Stephen come to you. There is an additional travel time fee associated with House Calls. 

What is The Cost Per Session?
Session fee is $200.
A 5 Set Series is $750
A 10 Set Series is $1250
Sliding scales are available for those in need.  Please call me at 310.617.7585 or email me at Stephen@ClarkHypnotherapy.com to discuss.

Do You Offer Gift Certificates? 
YES!  Single sessions and Sets are both available. 

What Forms of Payment Do You Take?

Cash, checks, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.