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Success Stories

“I’ve been smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes for the past 30 years.  I had heard about Stephen through friends of mine who had worked successfully with him, and gave him a call to break my smoking habit once and for all. In a single 2-hour session, I stopped smoking.  That was 2 years ago!  Thank you, thank you!”
-BT; Non-Smoker

“Stephen and his work have changed my life.  I feel stronger and more confident now, and this is such a wonderful feeling, as I was always thinking I was “less than” everyone else.  My relationships with my friends and my family have vastly improved. It’s an amazing feeling.”
- SS; Film Director

“Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of doctors.  Each time we have worked together, my ensuing experience visiting the hospital and my doctor’s office has been one of courage and strength.  My doctor has even noticed a lower blood pressure reading following my working with you.”
-YA, Grandmother  

“Abundance began to flow following my session with Stephen. I had many blocks regarding ‘deserving’ success and abundance, and after just one session, my energy around my artistic work changed and more work than I could have ever imagined started showing up. So many thanks!”
-PF, Artist/Painter